A bad hair day just means "it's just a bad day altogether" !

We offer several strengths of smoothing treatments based on your individual needs.

Our trained Technicians will help you make the correct choice! 


Brazilian Blowout                                                                                Begins at $250

Smooth, frizz free hair and reduced curl                                                                       depending on length and thickness.

is what you will get! Lasts about 3 months

as it gradually fades away. Full sized shampoo

and conditioner are included to take home. 

                                                           Cut is included


Bioionic Straightening                                                                             Begins at $350

(sometimes called a Japanese Straightening)

This is a chemical straightener, typically for very

curly or coarse hair. If you want it straight ... this

is for you! The new growth is straightened about 

every 6 months. Cut is included.


Keratin 1 Month Smoothing                                                                         Begins at $55

helping to control frizz one month             when added to a cut or color $40

                                                          at a time, this keratin treatment will keep

                                                          your hair smooth and shiney.


                                           Keratin Express 3 Month Smoothing                                                  Begins at $90
                                                                                                                                           when added to a cut or color $70

                                                           Enjoy up to 3 months of smooth,

                                                           Frizz   free hair.

                                                           This service is completed in about an

                                                           hour and won't break the bank!                                            


                                         Perm (includes cut)                                                                           Begins at $80  

Perms are making a comeback, they're

not the same as they were in the 80's!

Soft waves are always a good look and

today's finishing products will be sure

to keep those curls in control.       

Cut is included.